town center crowded

Most people think that living in a small town is boring, when it is actually a tranquil way of living especially for families. Small towns exist all over the world, usually in suburban and rural areas. City people like to make fun of small town people because they are stereotyped a lot as being too friendly and sometimes weird, when they actually are not. Their friendliness is beneficial to those of you seeking a home surrounded by friends. Here are other wonderful things about small towns that you might not know.


grey sky by small townCloser Distance to Everything

As you can probably guess, a small town makes it easier for you to get to one place from another. For example, even though you don’t live right next to the mini market, it will still be a walking distance from your home. Small towns usually have a town center that has everything in a circle, so you can go there and get everything you want just by walking.

You can also guarantee that if you order food, it will reach your home in less than thirty minutes because the restaurants are probably nearby. Whereas if you live in a big city, you’ll have to take the bus or the subway to get to places such as the supermarket, and ordering food means waiting for forty minutes or more depending on the big city traffic. And did we mention there’s usually barely any traffic in small towns?

Better Sense of Community

Small towns have lesser number of people, usually it won’t exceed 2000 people in one town. This means that everyone knows each other, and there’s a closer community between the people in the town. The mayor is also usually down to earth and has meetings with every single person in town invited to discuss matter concerning the community. This is why events in small towns are usually smaller but the people attending it are plenty.

snowman in front of houseQuiet Neighborhood

Small towns carefully place noisy establishments away from homes, so you don’t have to worry about complaining to the local bar next door that the music is too loud or anything like that. There’s also usually a neighborhood watch, which is a small group of people who tours around town to see if everything is safe. If they find anyone or anything making too much noise, they’d turn it down immediately. After 11 pm, there would usually be no extreme noises of any kind. You are guaranteed to sleep well in a small town.