Smart Consumer: Surviving the Age of Material Craze

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Once upon the time, people cared about nothing other than fresh air, food, and shelter. This was before fashion was invented and other forms of material possession became the core definition of human success. Times have changed, and it’s no longer possible to live without a plethora of products. Unscrupulous business entities take advantage of this fact to churn out millions of counterfeit products. Many of these items put your life in danger besides creating the channels through which you throw away good money after bad money.

The Smart Consumer Concept

women with shopping bagTo survive the craze that has been brought about the age of materialism, you need to draw a discerning line between what you need and what you may want without solid justifications. The second step involves distinguishing between quality and fake products. This is a nearly impossible call to deliver upon, but it can be attained with the help of independent quality-assessment organizations.

As a Smart Consumer, you probably consult reliable online reviews that are written by industry professionals each time you want to purchase an item. The problem is that the counterfeit business is big and the people behind it are often in a position to pay for professionally done reviews. The end goal is to dupe you into buying dubious products, and it’s not surprising that many people (elites included) fall for these reviews that usually leave them with worthless items in the end.

Now imagine having an organization that recommends only top-rated products based on professional quality-testing results. A quality-oriented outfit that’s incorruptible. Think of an organization that sticks to high-end ethical codes and believes in public safety – flagging any consumer products that it suspects to be harmful to the environment and human life. A smart consumer is one such organization, and it’s trusted by millions of consumers around the world to offer reliable information on products that cut it – standard wise.

Playing a Role

paying with cardA smart consumer doesn’t take money from entrepreneurs, companies, product providers and distributors. The consumer watch organization has subsequently, managed to keep its name off the list of corruption-riddled consumer watch establishments. Like any other organization, on the other hand, it has bills to pay, apps to develop and a website to maintain. For example, it uses an API supported system to give instant product price range – ensuring that you don’t pay more for less or get swindled off the recommended price tag out of sheer greed.

The organization’s main revenue stream comes from an affiliate marketing concept that’s attached to a commission program. This means that each time you buy a product that’s recommended by its experts for its quality and right pricing attributes, the smart consumer gets a commission. Note that smart consumer only recommends quality products that it thinks are necessary for your life. The products range from baby care products to electronics, kitchen appliances, beauty products, and sporting goods. It follows that if you can’t find a product in the list of items that are recommended by the smart consumer, the chances are that it’s either substandard or you don’t need it.


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