Marble Floor

Marble floors one of the great flooring you can have in your home. They are simply the most luxurious and elegant flooring choice, and they make your home, or any place appear more prestigious. But we have one issue that many people learn when it’s too late is the fact that marble floors should be clean and maintained well or you will end up damaging their luster.
Marble floors will maintain its greatness for long only when managed well. But if you treat marble floors like any other floors, they will look dull. And for you to know how to maintain marble floors we have listed some of the tips. You can check on marble polishing in Singapore to make sure your marble floors remain looking great for as long as you want.

Pay Attention to Individual Stains

marble backgroundSecondly, in case you note any stain or spot on your marble floor, you should not clean with your mop the whole area. The best way you can solve such a situation is to sit down, pick a soft, clean cloth, and then rub the stained area gently with a mild cleaner. It’s not right to clean with an active cleaning agent.
Because it will ruin your polish and the marble will become dull. And if you clean the whole part where the stain is, you may end up over washing the entire marble, or you might end up leaving the stain intact.

Clean Spills as Soon as Possible

The first tip is that marble does not absorb any liquid, but there are specifically a few chemicals that can stain your marble floor permanently if left for too long. So it’s wise if you happen to pour some soda, coffee or any liquid on your marble floor, ensure that you clean it immediately. By cleaning such liquids immediately, no damage will be caused on your marble floors.


Get the Floor Polished

Another factor is that in case your marble floors are old already, the only way is to have them polished. And you will be shocked at how fascinating they will look after polishing. With time, the polish done when flooring is installed erodes. Also, polishing your marbles makes them shine back.
Don’t Clean in a Circular Motion
A lot of people are aware of this tip. However, if you use a circular motion to clean your marble floors, you will damage it, and it will look dull. You should clean in gentle, straight lines.

No Scrubbing

marble slabLastly, one of the most straightforward ways you can damage your marble floors is by scrubbing them roughly. Other floors can withstand rough scrubbing since it can’t destroy them. But this doesn’t apply to marble floors. It has a shiny top layer, and if scrubbed roughly these layers will come off.
And that’s why you are advised to use a professional machine or a soft mop on your marble floors. Also, marble floors are very smooth, and items can’t get stuck in between the marble, so there is no need to scrub them.